We’re proud to be the home of the TAP League Rally in the Valley event every year!

TAP, LLC Pools Amateur Tour, Rally in the Valley Dream Team Event is a TAP Players Only event.

Players from all over the USA and Canada, build dream teams with players they meet from other areas at this event and TAP Nationals. They can have any player from all TAP Areas play on this built dream team, just for this event. They do not have to play together weekly.

When Loyd Schonter, FOUNDER and CEO of TAP, LLC came up with the concept of a dream team event, it was a concept original and of its own in the billiard industry. Loyd and Allen Hopkins decided in 1996 to partner up and in conjunction TAP would hold their own event, during Allen’s Super Billiards Expo. Hence, a perfect time to release the TAP Rally in the Valley event/concept.

Over the last 22 years, the event has grown tremendously, sold out every year, and every year it grows and sells out again.

Today, the TAP Rally in the Valley event is not only 8 Ball Dream Team, which it started with, but now includes 9 Ball Dream Team along with Singles and Scotch Doubles.

If you aren’t a TAP Player and want to become one, please go into www.tapleague.com and check out our League Locator. If there is no TAP League in your area, please see TAP’s Sales Director, Sam Rullo at EXPO Booth # 656 or call him at 1-800-984-7665 (ext 2). Sam will be able to help you become a TAP Operator and build a TAP League in your area.

Any event information you want for this event you can email Kelly Nace, TAP Corporate Event Director at kelly@tapleague.com or call 1-800-984-7665 (ext 4).

Looking forward to another successful TAP Event and seeing Allen and his staff along with the Vendors and Players at the prestigious Super Billiards Expo.

This event is played on Diamond Smart Barbox (3.5’x 7′) tables with Simonis 860 Cloth, the best quality equipment in the industry.

Next Rally In The Valley will be held April 11-14th 2024